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  • What is an FAQ section?
    FAQ's or Frequently Asked Questions is the prefect place to get quick answers that other users may have already asked us.
  • It says no service is available
    This could be for a number of reasons, either no cars are available or you can try - 'preorder' and a date and time in the future. This is especially likely to happen if you are booking outside of Bodmin. You can book from anywhere in our operating zone to anywhere outside our zone. For example Newquay to Bristol or St Austell to Heathrow Airport. Services will be expanding across West Cornwall in the coming months.
  • Why is Rideon (Empty Leg) showing with a price
    If you are seeing a price and service type Rideon (Empty Leg) this is because you are requesting a ride in a zone we currently haven't expanded into. However, if a driver is within 5 miles of your requested ride they will be alerted and allow them to pickup the job and a ride to proceed. This is great for drivers and passengers. Example: Driver Dave travels from Bodmin Parkway Station to Sennen Cove with a passenger. Sennen is outside our 'current operating zone'. Driver Dave now has an empty car for his ride back up the A30, if you book at this point Driver Dave can pickup your booking, a win for you as the ride is at a reduced price and win for Driver Dave who now earns for his return trip.
  • Customer No Show Fee
    If you book with us and fail to be at the pickup location we will wait 5 minutes past the booked pickup time. After this time a £2.50 no show fee will be added to your account. Next time you book this will be applied. So a £5 trip will be £7.50
  • Where do you operate?
    We aim to have drivers all over Cornwall. Currently we are serving: Bodmin Launceston Liskeard St Austell Par Fraddon Newquay Perranporth Camelford Boscastle Padstow Port Issac Looe Polperro And everywhere inbetween.
  • How do I pay for my ride?
    We accept cash & card payment in the car or for larger value bookings we take debit & credit cards at the point of booking confirmation - we will send over a payment link if your booking requires pre-payment. We can offer accounts to business customers on our Business+ subscription.
  • What times do you operate?
    Our customer service and dispatch center is open 6am - Midnight 7 days a week. We are a 24 hour operation so you can book out of hours on your mobile or web browser.
  • Cancellation fees
    You may be charged a cancellation fee if your driver has been dispatched (is on route). This fee is based on distance travelled and total ride fare. You will not be charged a cancellation fee if the driver is more than 10 minutes late arriving or our systems detect heavier than usual traffic to your destination resulting in a late or non arrival. Long distance trips booked in advance (over 50 miles) Long distance trips will lose 50% of the pre paid booking fee if you cancel with 48 hours or less until your departure time.
  • Who will be my driver
    We have our own RIDEON branded vehicles and many of our drivers are self employed private hire & hackney plated drivers and are highly experienced in driving, to ensure your ride is comfortable. All our independent drivers are licensed, plated and insured. When you book your ride the job is automatically dispatched to the nearest driver registered and enrolled with RIDEON. You will get a message on your app or website page with the drivers name, vehicle type, location, registration and colour.
  • Do you provide child seats
    No, unfortunately this is not something we do, however.. The law states: A child can travel in a private hire vehicle without a child car seat if he or she sits in the back. Children older than three years old must use the car’s adult seat belt. Children under three should not use a seat belt.
  • Lost Property
    If you have lost an item of property following a ride please get in touch via the live chat link or by calling 01208 221 221
  • What if my card is declined and I don't have enough funds to pay for my ride
    You should always ensure you have enough cash to cover your ride value if you believe your debit or credit card will not cover the cost of your ride / decline. Rides booked online via the ride booking app will give you a total cost before you depart. We have the right to refuse rides at our discretion and block riders permanently. We can also send you a payment link by text so you can complete checkout on your own device, just ask the driver if you require this service.
  • I have noticed your prices change, why is this?
    This is our systems looking at live traffic information, the system will always choose the fastest route at a given time of day, if your route cost £7.50 one day and £8 or £8.50 the next this is because the traffic to your destination is longer. You are always given the price upfront and you choose to book if you want to.
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